Skaivi Releases Captivating New Electronic Single “Selene Of The Night”

Michael Stover
2 min readDec 20, 2023


Chicago’s very own Skaivi is excited to announce her brand-new single “Selene Of The Night.” Crafted with love and care, and composed and produced by Skaivi herself, “Selene Of The Night” is attracting fans and music enthusiasts all around the world. This cinematic masterpiece serves as a beacon of comfort and reassurance, drawing inspiration from the Greek goddess Selene.

Skaivi reveals, “I’m thrilled to finally share ‘Selene Of The Night’ with everyone. This song is more than music; it’s a piece of my soul. It’s my first venture into singing on my tracks, and it’s a message of solace inspired by Selene, the moon goddess. I hope it resonates with you as much as it does with me.”

From the barrage of rich, layered synths, to the magnificently ethereal vocals from Skaivi, the extravagant “Selene Of The Night” takes listeners on a magical and dramatic, yet soothing journey. The space-like details wrap up the whole piece into a concoction of lush electronic soundscapes, a hallmark of Skaivi’s production.

Skaivi’s newest single, “Selene Of The Night,” is available for streaming on all major platforms.

About Skaivi:

20-year-old Skaivi was born and raised in the dynamic city of Chicago. Having Polish and Slovak heritage, she grew up multiculturally, especially residing within the Polish-American community (Polonia) of Chicago and its suburbs. She is a songwriter and producer of electronic music, and she doesn’t limit herself to one style. Skaivi loves exploring different sub-genres and ideas, and seeing where her creativity may lead her.

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