Monica Ortiz Releases New Single “Still in Love”

Michael Stover
2 min readJan 14, 2024


Humble guitar-play and ambient design lay down a warming foundation, for a softly enchanting, poetic and pure country single — Monica Ortiz carves out a uniquely evocative lane, with ‘Still In Love’.

Releasing January 11th, ‘Still In Love’ brings together a beautifully modest yet moving production and performance, to ultimately highlight the clear strength of songwriting at the heart of Monica’s music.

Houston-based but with recording roots largely in Nashville, Monica Ortiz has become renowned as an indie songwriter of worth across the country, country pop and adult contemporary genres.

Her blissfully delicate vocal style connects for its honest and calming qualities, and the deeply personal, poetic and relatable depths of her reflections on life and love build effortlessly upon that.

Backed by the continued success of her 2019 LP ‘Journey Home’, Monica’s thoughtful writing and softly enchanting vocals forever meet with the simple warmth of their surrounding production.

Featuring the additional talents of Matthew Odmark, the release of the instantly soothing, heartfelt and subtly catchy ‘Still In Love’ sees these traits ring louder still. The single underlines the clear passion and humanity of Monica’s work, and does so in a refreshingly humble, intimate and enjoyable way.

Devoted to her faith in the healing power of music, Monica Ortiz delivers a distinguished and divine alternative to modern country pop, and in the process offers a wave of understanding and honesty that’s forever rewarding to listen to.



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