Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of TaniA Kyllikki’s vocals on “I Struck Gold With You”

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Presenting another hit! TaniA Kyllikki is back with her latest single, “I Struck Gold With You.” The story of her freedom is incredibly moving for the hopeless romantic. Kyllikki released the track on February 9th, perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. This romantic ballad, written by TaniA and brought to life by her talented spouse, who is a musician and music producer, narrates a captivating tale.

This track highlights the significant influence of authentic love in our daily experiences, with Kyllikki’s vocals stirring deep emotions and delivering a compelling performance. “I Struck Gold With You” explores a profound bond between TaniA and her husband, who, despite faraway locations, connected through their shared passion for music. They have successfully navigated through various challenges that life has thrown their way, even with the significant physical distance between them.

Their profound affection for one another is a beautiful example of genuine love: supporting each other passionately, becoming a constant existence, valuing each other’s individuality, and staying together during difficult times. TaniA Kyllikki’s personal narrative shines through the notes of “I Struck Gold With You”-a beautiful blend of love, struggle, and triumph.

Written by TaniA Kyllikki to commemorate her ten-year voyage with her spouse, navigating through challenges and separations, the track serves as a tribute to resilience and the special moments born out of difficult times. This piece is a sincere tribute to her supporters, who have been a source of strength for her during her health struggles.

This mesmerising single highlights TaniA’s undeniable talent and the vulnerability she openly shares with her fans, making her a truly endearing artist to follow. “I Struck Gold With You” is the second single release from her upcoming sophomore album, “Free-Spirited,” that’s set to be released at some point this year. Feel the warm embrace of TaniA’s “I Struck Gold With You,” which evokes a warm feeling inside.

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ABOUT TaniA Kyllikki: British singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, she has emerged as one of the most powerful female artists in indie music. Her massive old school strong vocal range and distinct raw organic storytelling approach has given her comparisons to legends in the music industry. With her husband and musical collaborator Rynellton aka Garry D. Hairston, they have become a strong power couple. As an artist and a person TaniA Kyllikki, can be described in numerous ways. As a survivor of abuse and born with health conditions. In her songs, she expresses emotion, empathy with maturity and depth. Making #25 on Amazon Top Hot 100 Pop Albums with TaniA’s self-written album “Why Chapter One.” TaniA was dubbed a “lyrical genius” in the press. TaniA has since been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspapers both online and in print, as well as front cover features. Her popular single, Remind me” was presented by 3x Grammy winner @Ne-Yo With her determined spirit and unwavering faith in God, TaniA, exudes feminine vitality despite her hardships. No sign of slowing down. “Free-Spirited” TaniA’s second studio album is in production for 2024 release. “I Struck Gold With You” is the second single release out Feb 2024, after “In These Eyes” single that come out june 2023. “Free-Spirited” album will feature a blend of genres from Soulful R&B / Pop / House.

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