Finding Joy In The Groove: Devin White Returns

Singer Devin White Returns With New single “Don’t Forget The Love” On July 29th

The Equity distribution artist speaks briefly about the new single and creating music during adversity…

Tell us about the new record, “Don’t Forget The Love”
* The record is an ode to black culture. I had this record for a while and my wife [Singer, SaVannah] had the idea for us to collab on it. We just wanted something that felt good.. especially now.

Why now?
* I think the record is pretty straightforward. It’s all about love. It’s something we have to constantly keep in mind. It’s about the feeling of black joy .. we as a people always find a way to push thru adversity and find joy our circumstances. Now more than ever it’s time for drastic change, but we can’t forget to smile in the process.

The groove of this record is infectious, throwback but still current, what inspired it?
* We wanted people to feel like they were at a cookout that never ended. That love.. that energy. That groove and those bass licks thru the record put us in that space.. we knew right now it would be a welcomed feeling with everything we’re up against.

“Don’t Forget The Love” is available thru Equity distribution on all streaming platforms July 29th. Follow Devin on social media at @devinlwhite




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