Digital Music Vibes Releases World’s First Book and Hip Hop Album Blend: “Old Adventures”

Michael Stover
2 min readOct 27, 2023


“Digital Music Vibes” releases a one-of-its-kind Music Album and Book, “Old Adventures”, with a unique blend of sci-fi and hip hop.

Digital Music Vibes , a budding hip-hop band, has just released their first album accompanied by the book called “ Old Adventures “. This marks a significant milestone in the world of music and literature, as the book and the band are intertwined uniquely and innovatively which has never been done before. The book follows the adventures of two best friends who are part of a hip-hop band that travels through time to fix the things that went wrong in the life of the character Luke. Readers and music lovers can now stream the music or get a copy of the book on the band’s website.

“Old Adventures” is not your typical sci-fi book. It features an original story that will captivate readers with its imaginative world-building and vivid character development. The hip-hop band is not just a figment of the author’s imagination, but an actual group of musicians whose songs are featured throughout the book. The book and the album are interconnected, making it an immersive experience for readers and listeners.

The book’s synopsis reads, “After his veiled enemies cause a bit of misfortune in his life, Luke and his friend will stop at nothing to put things right. They team up with an old acquaintance with supernatural abilities to make them time travel, but even that may not be enough; just because their troubles end in one dimension doesn’t mean they end in all of them.” The book explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of bad decisions.

Eric Hizz , the band’s spokesperson had this to say about the project, “Old Adventures the book and band is a project for making people go deep in their imagination into a world that they have never been to before. Getting people to use their imagination and putting a smile on their faces is our goal. Making people happy is success itself and we strive to do just that.”

In addition, Eric also shared a quote that inspired the band during the creation of the album and the book, “Never give up on any dream or vision given to you from God.” The band’s message to their fans is to stay focused on their goals and avoid any distractions that may come their way.

The release of “Old Adventures” is just the beginning for Digital Music Vibes. They plan to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music and literature. With their innovative approach, they will surely capture the attention of music and book lovers worldwide.

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