Classic Metal Band Friday Dies Returns with Powerful Single “Hammer Down” from Upcoming Album, “The Sky is The Ocean”

Michael Stover
2 min readJan 14, 2024


Friday Dies emerges stronger than ever with their first single in decades.

After decades of silence, Friday Dies , a renowned metal band that once graced the underground scene, is returning triumphantly with the release of their new single, “Hammer Down.” The release marks the beginning of a new era for the band as they gear up for their upcoming album, “The Sky is The Ocean,” the first since their 1995 release, “Return of the Witch.”

Friday Dies, recently reformed, rekindling the flame that once burned brightly in the mid-’80s through the late ’90s. The band, known for its hardcore sound and now, new, more complex song structures, is set to bring an additional dimension to their music with the upcoming album while also celebrating the band’s history.

The focal point of Friday Dies’ new developments is the recent release of its latest single, “Hammer Down,” an intense and hard-driving metal tune. The song, featuring blues riffs mixed with neo-classical influences, is a powerful precursor to “The Sky is The Ocean.” The album promises to retain the band’s raw essence while introducing a more polished sound and intricate song structures.

In the band’s words, “The lyrics to our new single Hammer Down are about losing your leadership to others that would do you harm but sticking together and continuing to fight instead of separating and falling apart.” This is clearly a testament to the resilience and unity that Friday Dies embodies as a band. As a founding member of Friday Dies, Mark has been responsible for the band’s guitars and lead vocals. After disbanding, members pursued various projects, but the discovery of old CDs by Mark Friday’s son decades later reignited the passion for their music.

The new material is being recorded at the renowned TRAX 52 studio and will undergo professional mixing and mastering. While Friday Dies promises a slicker sound, the hardcore edge that helped define them in the past will remain intact. Like the Phoenix, Friday Dies rises anew with strength and inspiration, ready to captivate both old and new fans.

Friday Dies is open for live performances, offering an opportunity to experience their electrifying presence on stage.

For dedicated fans and newcomers alike, official merchandise, including hoodies and more, is available on the band’s official website at

About Friday Dies: Friday Dies is a metal band that has stood the test of time, emerging more powerful than ever with their latest single, “Hammer Down,” and the promise of an upcoming album, “The Sky is The Ocean.”

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