Beast Parade Announces Debut EP ‘Nightmares’

Michael Stover
3 min readJan 17, 2024


The adventurous Portland duo’s latest is a chaotic burst of energy, pushing the boundaries of rock and reinventing the genre for modern times.

“This just in, time is running out,” frontman Matt Kuttruff sings on the memorable opening lines of ‘Nightmares.’ Accompanied by the virtuosic odd-metered drumming of Tim Fiori, Kutruff goes on to paint an apocalyptic vision over the course of six wildly imaginative tracks.

The pair perform with a rare level of synergy. Although they are clearly influenced by everything from vintage prog-rock to the garage revival of the mid 2000’s, their sound is unmistakably there own — defined by dreamy instrumental passages, huge hooks, and moments of pure emotional catharsis.

Each track has a life of its own. The grimy blues-rock of ‘Wolf’ is a tip of the cap to Jack White, while the seven minute ‘The Willing Flesh’ is descent into dark psychedelia, led by Kuttruff’s exotic guitar improvisations. From its opening notes to the blissful harmonies on closing track ‘God Emperor,’ ‘Nightmares’ is an EP that will capture the heart of rock fans.

Nightmares’ is available everywhere Feb 2, 2024

The West Coast is arguably the birthplace of the modern rock scene when you throw in bands like Soundgarden, Tool and Queens of the Stone Age. Following in that rich tradition is Portland based duo Beast Parade who deliver a monstrous sound beyond the sum of their parts.

It has not been a straight line for lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Kuttruff and drummer Tim Fiori. They spent years plying their trade in the group Gods and Kings but like many first forays into the music industry, it did not stick. What did endure however was the musical relationship the pair formed in those heady days.

Time and the challenges of life meant the hiatus after the demise of the band took time to come back from, but now in 2023, they have unburdened themselves from that everyday baggage and have been doing what they do best. They have forged a truly distinctive musical identity, crafting a sound that seamlessly melds the powerful with the introspective, the heavy with the delicate.

Their sound is a compelling blend of raw energy, thoughtful contemplation, and dark humor. They remain faithful to their roots, and if their first three songs are anything to go by, their future is assured. Nightmares, Afterglow, and their latest Wolf, demonstrate their heavy groove which cannot be denied. Being just a two-piece, it’ s hard to imagine how they produce such a mammoth sound, but much like The White Stripes, they not only achieve this but surpass it by some distance.

Nightmares is a thunderous roar into the night, while Afterglow is a deep ride which gravitates between a moody groove and slabs of viscous rock outbursts, while Wolf stalks like the wild hunter it is named after.

In a world where conformity often reigns, Beast Parade are on the march to new horizons with a new EP set to drop at the end of 2023. Original, audacious, and authentic, they are proof that Portland’s Rock scene is alive, well and positively thriving. No matter the world you live in, Beast Parade have the talent to appeal to everyone. Dynamic and filled with all of their accumulated knowledge, this is no stroll into future horizons but a triumphant carnival of the senses. Join them on their journey as they release more material and discover your inner Beast.

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